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Advantages of Barcode Printers And Guidelines For Use

With the development of pos barcode printers, more and more bar code printers appear in our lives. It is his cheap, fast and accurate advantages that make everyone there. The following bar code printers will give you a detailed description of the advantages and usage guidelines.


One: Accurate. There is information that can be used to check the keyboard input. On average, there is an error every 300 characters, and the barcode input has an error every 15,000 characters on average.


Two: The data input speed is fast. Keyboard input, typists type 90 characters per minute, and 12 characters or strings can be typed in 1.6 seconds. When using bar codes, the input speed increases by 0.3 seconds and the speed increases by 5 times.


Three: cheap. Compared with other automatic identification technologies, the promotion and application of barcode technology can save costs and be economical.


Four: Flexible, practical and free. As a means of identification, the code symbol can be used alone or combined with equipment to form an identification system to realize automatic identification, or it can be linked with other equipment to realize automatic management of the entire system. At the same time, in the absence of an automatic identification device, manual keyboard input can also be realized. The degree of freedom of the mouse OCR of the relative position of the identification device and the barcode label is greatly expanded. The barcode only displays the information of the size direction, and the information displayed on the same barcode is the same and continuous, so that even if the part lacks the correct label, the information can be input from the normal part.


Five: The equipment is simple and the operation is simple. The barcode symbol recognition device has simple structure, simple operation and no training. Printable, called "printable computer language". Code label production, no special requirements for printing process equipment and materials.



Barcode Printer User Guide

1. Choose the right font: different fonts will have different printing effects. Choose ARIAL, Bold, etc., and then make the font bold. Usually printing seems to be much better.

2. Printer resolution: If a printer with a high resolution can print clear results without setting it, a printer with a low resolution will generally be more troublesome and time-consuming, and the debugging time will be longer.

3. Printer temperature or pressure: If the printing effect is not very good, you can adjust the temperature of the bar code printer to obtain good clarity.

4. Different label papers usually have different printing effects, especially when scanning with a barcode scanner, the speed is obviously different, because the material is unreasonable and the carbon absorption capacity is different. Under normal circumstances, the printing effect of ordinary coated paper is better. Of course, the correct barcode ribbon must be selected for different label papers.

5. Barcode ribbon: The quality of the barcode ribbon is good or bad. If you have high printing requirements, you can choose better quality ribbons or branded ribbons, such as zebra ribbons, Ricoh ribbons, and of course the price is much higher.

6. Printing software: The content of printing has a lot to do with the printing software. If you choose professional barcode software, such as Bartender, Codesoft, labelview, etc., you can get better print quality.

7. After long-term use of bar code printers, the print head needs to be cleaned, which can prolong the service life of the printer and obtain better printer quality.


May You Need A 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer

Tcang thermal receipet printer is device that prints credit card receipts or receipts. Businesses typically need this technology to process payments and ensure clear communication with customers after purchase. Other parts of the business may also need receipt printers to perform their tasks (for example, a restaurant handles food orders in the kitchen).


The POS-58mm thermal receipt printer is suitable for many industries. It is quick and silent and can handle various types of business applications. It uses ink-free technology to print receipts. It reacts to the high heat in the thermal printer to create high-quality images. This means that there's no ink to worry about! In addition to being quiet, a thermal printer will not require ink. Its compact size also means that it can fit into a pocket.


The good thing about this device is that it comes with a one-year warranty. The 58mm Thermal Printer is compatible with all Windows system versions. Moreover, it can send confirmations to sender and support USSD & STK. These features make it an excellent choice for small-scale businesses. The printer is designed for restaurants, cafes, and other industries. These printers are also versatile, enabling businesses to use them in many different settings.


 If you're looking for a mobile thermal printer, Tcang machine will meet all your needs. The is an ideal choice for businesses that want a portable thermal receipt printer for mobile devices. Its high throughput and excellent image quality are essential for any business.





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