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What The Benefits of Handheld POS Terminal ?

The traditional point of sale system is a device used to process transactions electronically in a physical environment. The portable point of sale system, also known as a handheld pos system, is a portable and usually wireless device that acts like a card processor. Organizations most often use smartphones or tablets equipped with software and portable hardware to process card transactions.


1. Reduce indirect costs

Portable point-of-sale hardware is generally more affordable than standard point-of-sale systems, with less upfront costs in terms of equipment and setup. The cloud-based nature of the tablet point of sale system means that functional and security upgrades are usually downloaded automatically and free of charge.


2. Improve employee efficiency

The portable handheld pos terminal device is very valuable in improving the efficiency of labor production. This translates to better profitability, as employees can provide services to more customers in a shorter period of time. As a result, businesses can immediately improve customer service and customer churn rate.


For example, a typical restaurant waiter has to come and go up to 5 times to each table on a stationary point of sale terminal to enter orders, add additional items, and complete the checkout process. With a portable system, the server can spend more time and provide quality customer service more efficiently. It can also minimize employee stress, thus increasing employee satisfaction and retention.


3. Higher customer turnover rate

For retail and food service businesses, portable point-of-sale systems can speed up the checkout process and increase revenue. For example, a portable POS system can rotate the table 15-20% faster than an organization using a standard POS system. This can translate into a significant increase in sales for high volume companies.


In the retail environment, portable points of sale give businesses the ability to provide services to multiple customers at the same time without the need for long queues of consumers. Effective customer service can also lead to a faster sales experience, which can encourage new buyers to come back in the future.





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