48V 200Ah Power Wall Lithium iron battery 10kWh solar battery 6000 cycle times

48V 200Ah Power Wall Lithium iron battery 10kWh solar battery 6000 cycle times

PRODUCT Description

Perfect Compatible 

Compatible to Both Residential                        

Single & Three Phase Inverter

Easy Installation

Fast and simple installation

Safe & Reliable                                                     

Lithium Iron Phosphate(LFP) cell                            CE,ISO9001,UN38.3,FCC

Easy Installation

Fast and simple installation

Smart BMS                                              

Advanced BMS system control power 

output smartly and effectively

Long Life and safety

Ensure more than 5000 cycles tiems


VOLTAGE  :      48V 

Capacity  :       200Ah

ENERGY  :        9600 Watts(Wh)

Dimension  :   1000 L *680 W * 150 H mm

WEIGHT :        100 kg

Communication : RS485/CAN/RS232

Compatible inverters :   Growatt,Deye,Goodwe,Sofar,Sorotec,Pylontech and ect.

Warranty :        5 Years 

Cycle Times :     6000 cyclt times 80%DOD



DISCHARGE :    100A max continuous. Month self discharge 2%(20℃)


Up to 100% DOD capacity for 4,000 cycles in recommended conditions. 25℃ is better. 


Ideal for rugged & harsh environments. 

Charging: 0 to 45 ℃(32℉ to 113℉)@60±25% Relative Humidity

Discharge: -20 to 60℃(-4℉ to 140℉)@60±25% Relative Humidity

Storage: 0℃ to 45℃(32℉ to 113℉)@60±25% Relative Humidity

Environmental :  Indoor/Outdoor

Installation :  Floor stand(standard)

Scalability :  Max 4 pieces in parallel operation


Battery Benefits

*【Cell Balancing 】 Series cells can lose capacity over time if not properly managed. The BMS keeps the cells balanced, which optimizes the battery for maximum available capacity and lifetime.

*【Heat Management 】Extreme high or low temperatures can damage lithium batteries. The BMS continuously measures termperature and protects the battery from becoming unsafe or damaged. 

*【Short Circuit Protection 】The internal Battery Monitor System(BMS)will detect dangerous short circuits and protect the battery from damage. 

*【Copper Bus Bars】The connections between cells are made from 100% copper bus bars, which results in a very low internal resistance. Less internal resistance means less heat when the battery is under load resulting in better performance. 

*【UN DOT Certification】Tested and approved for UNDOT means Junlee! LiFePO4 Batteries can handle vibration and shock experienced in mobile applications. 

*【Prismatic Cell Enclosures】The metal, prismatic cell enclosure in Junlee. LiFEPO4 Batteries are super durable and perfect for mobile application.

*【LiFePO4 Chemistry】LiFePO4 batteries have stronger chemical bonds than traditional lithium batteries. This makes them less vulnerable to things like short circuits, even if the BMS somehow Failed. 

*【Battery Management System】(BMS) The BMS inside. LiFePO4 Batteries manages various aspects of the battery to make it extremely safe providing better performance and longer life.


More details

  • 【Automotive Grade Lithium Battery】 lithium iron batteries have exceptional quality since they are manufactured by Automotive Grade LiFePO4 Cells with higher energy density, more stable performance & greater power. Highest-level safety based on UL Testing Certificate for the cell inside the battery. With no acid in the battery, you're able to safely mount in any position. This makes li-iron batteries perfect for solar home, RV, campers, golf cart, motor homes, off-grid applications.
  • 【10 Years lifetime】LiFePO4 battery provides 4000+ cycles, which is more than 10 times to Lead Acid with 200~500 cycles. Junlee LiFePO4 battery has a 10-year service life, three times longer than the Lead Acid’s 3-year lifetime.
  • 【1/3* Lightweight】LiFePO4 Battery weighs only only 1/3* the weight of lead acid batteries, which makes it an easy choice for RVs, Marine and Off-Grid Applications when mounting or mobility is in the consideration.
  • 【95%* Efficiency】LiFePO4 battery’s flat discharge curve holds above 51.2V for up to 95%* of its capacity usage, providing astronomical boosts in run-time compared to only 50% in Lead Acid. This product is your best choice for outdoor camping power and indoor easy installation.
  • 【100% Protection】 LiFePO4 battery has built-in BMS (Battery Management System) to protect it from overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, and short circuit with excellent self-discharge rate. Built-in high-temp cut off prevents charging over 167 °F (75 °C). Without memory effect, no matter what state the battery is, it can be used as soon as it is charged. JunleeLiFePO4 battery is IP65 level waterproof, which set you free from worrying to install indoors or outdoors.





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