48V 100Ah lithium iron battery 5KWH for home pv solar energy storage

48V 100Ah lithium iron battery 5KWH for home pv solar energy storage

PRODUCT Description

Perfect Compatible 

Compatible to Both Residential                        

Single & Three Phase Inverter

Easy Installation

Fast and simple installation

Safe & Reliable                                                     

Lithium Iron Phosphate(LFP) cell                            CE,ISO9001,UN38.3,FCC

Easy Installation

Fast and simple installation

Smart BMS                                              

Advanced BMS system control power 

output smartly and effectively

Long Life and safety

Ensure more than 5000 cycles tiems


Nominal Voltage 48V
Nominal Capacity 100Ah(C5,25℃)
Energy  4800Wh
Internal Resistance ≤30mΩ
Cycle Life ≥4000 cycles@0.2C 100% DOD
Months Self Discharge 3%
Efficiency of Charge 100% @ 0.2C
Efficiency of Discharge 96-99%@1C
Standard Charge Charge Mode  54.75 ±0.2V
Charge cut-off voltage 0.2C Charge to 29.2V,then 29.2V Charge to 0.02C cut-off
Charge current 20A
Max charge current 50A
Continuours current 100A
Standard Discharge Max Pulse current 150A(3s)
Discharge cut-off voltage 37.5V 
Continuours discharge  current 100A
Environmental  Storage Temperature 0 to  45℃(32F to 113F)@60±25% Relative Humidity
Charge Temperature 0 to  45℃(32F to 113F)@60±25% Relative Humidity
Discharge Temperature 0 to  45℃(32F to 113F)@60±25% Relative Humidity
Mechanical Cell & Method 3.2V50AH-15S2P
Plastic Case 5U standard case
Dimensions 482*430*222 mm
Weight 48kg
Terminal  100A through terminal
Protocol RS485/CAN


Battery Benefits

*【Cell Balancing 】 Series cells can lose capacity over time if not properly managed. The BMS keeps the cells balanced, which optimizes the battery for maximum available capacity and lifetime.

*【Heat Management 】Extreme high or low temperatures can damage lithium batteries. The BMS continuously measures termperature and protects the battery from becoming unsafe or damaged. 

*【Perfect Compatibility】Compatible to both residential single & three phase inverter. Like Growatt, Deye, Victron, Sofar and so on. 

*【Copper Bus Bars】The connections between cells are made from 100% copper bus bars, which results in a very low internal resistance. Less internal resistance means less heat when the battery is under load resulting in better performance. 

*【Certification】Meets US and International safety and EMI standards

*【Easy Installation】Floor. Indoor or outdoor, -4℉ to 122℉ Water and dust resistance

*【LiFePO4 Chemistry】LiFePO4 batteries have stronger chemical bonds than traditional lithium batteries. This makes them less vulnerable to things like short circuits, even if the BMS somehow Failed. 

*【Battery Management System】(BMS) The BMS inside. LiFePO4 Batteries manages various aspects of the battery to make it extremely safe providing better performance and longer life.




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