11.6 Inch Touch Screen Mobile POS Terminal

  • The mobile POS terminal is a versatile point of sale system with optional 58mm or 80mm thermal receipt printer, 2*20VFD, 1d and 2d barcode scanner, MSR, built-in battery.

PRODUCT Description

Tcang 11.6 Inch Touch Screen Mobile POS Terminal

This POS machine is inspired by the dolphins, the overall style of the pos terminal is simple and streamlined, and the shape of the dolphin is extracted to give the product an affinity. The scanning area is distinguished by a large lens. The border is made of metal, which makes the product more recognizable and the operation area is more intuitive.

Tcang 11.6 Inch Touch Screen Mobile POS Terminal

Not only beautiful, but also with strength.

Specification of 11.6 Inch Mobile POS Terminal

Operating system RK3288: Android  7.1/9.0   
RK3568: Android  11
J4125/ J1900
Quad core 2.0G  
POS Color Black  Black 
Touch Panel Capactive screen Capactive screen
LCD Panel 11.6" LED  TFT 1366*768 11.6" LED  TFT 1366*768
RAM+Flash 2G+16G  DDR4 4G+64G 
COM port 1 1
USB2.0 5 5
Power adaptor  12V 5A  12V 5A
Wifi (built-in)  IEEE802.11b/g
Bluetooth (built-in) 4.2
printer 80MM built-in (USB/ COM port)
printer speed: 200mm/s
Max paper roll: 80*60mm
80MM built-in (USB/ COM port)
printer speed: 200mm/s
Max paper roll: 80*60mm
Optional  MSR                                                                         RAM could be upgraded to 8G.

RFID (only read/ read+write)      SSD could be upgraded to 128/ 256G.
Scanner (for 2D)          Wifi/ Wifi+Bluetooth          
2*20 VFD customer display ;            MSR
5 inch LCD screen (800*480, no touch) RFID (only read/ read+write)    
Printer: 58mm built-in  2*20 VFD customer display ; 
5 inch LCD screen (800*480, no touch)
Printer: 58mm built-in 

Why choose the mobile pos terminal of the Tcang?

Fast response – Due to the time difference, we guarantee a six hour or less time response. If there is a problem after the sale, we can operate remotely and solve many problems.

Experienced – We only recruit experienced professional and technical personnel, we regularly provide technical personnel with continuing education opportunities to enable them to master the latest technology.

Reputable – tcang has been around since 2010, and our proudest achievement is that a large number of long-term customers trust us year after year.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We hope that you are completely satisfied with our service.




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