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Daily Maintenance For POS Smart Cash Register

The operating skills of my own POS cash machine are somewhat different, but the maintenance requirements are basically the same. Generally, the following aspects should be achieved:



1. Keep the appearance of the machine exposed: no objects should be placed on the machine, and the surface is waterproof, waterproof and oil-proof.

2. All relevant power transformers and UPS should be opened separately to prevent the equipment from burning out due to high temperature.

3. Be gentle, especially when opening and closing the cash drawer.

4. The connection of the power cord should be securely fixed, and it is not allowed to move the machine and disassemble the equipment at will.

5. Don't turn on the machine after the power is off, turn it on after the minimum, always check the printing ribbon and printing paper, save the printing ribbon and printing paper in time, and keep the interior clean.

6. Clean the machine regularly: clean and remove stains.

7. Each component should be assigned a dedicated person to be responsible for the maintenance work, who can eliminate general faults and replace the ribbon in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

8. Inspect the operation and maintenance of the company's various departments from time to time. If the specific operating procedures are not met, reasonable economic statistics shall be conducted.

Consider Twice When Purcasing Desktop POS System Cashier

When considering how to buy a business desktop POS system for a retail store, software compatibility should be considered. Business owners need a computer system that can run their preferred point of sale software. The most common desktop and mobile operating systems used by point-of-sale computers are Windows®, Android ™, and iOS®. Desktop computers used for this purpose run Windows, while Android and iOS tablets and smartphones can be used as mobile point-of-sale systems.


Discussion of point-of-sale software is an integral part of the point-of-sale computer buying guide. These specialized apps automate many of the steps involved in buying and generate reports for business owners to help them understand sales trends. Choose a desktop or mobile computer with an operating system that can run the POS software of your choice.


Tcang touch POS machine applications can be installed software or cloud-based solutions. Local or installed applications keep business data on premises and allow owners to keep data private. Cloud-based point of sale software connects to external servers and requires continuous internet access. When purchasing the right computer for your business, keep in mind that retailers may need servers and IT staff to manage local point-of-sale applications. Cloud or hosted point-of-sale software applications have lower hardware requirements, but allow retailers to rely on third-party services and support from software vendors.


It should be noted that most smart cashier machines are suitable for different types of businesses. However, software vendors sometimes offer industry specific applications. Retail and restaurant point of sale software are the most common examples of such business applications. Another popular example is mobile point of sale software. When choosing a mobile point of sale computer, please choose one.





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