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Touch Screen POS Machine


15.6 inch POS Terminal With Thermal Printer

Easy to disassemble and assemble the printer
Widely used in restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, retail, etc.9


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Handheld POS Machine


5.5 inch Portable POS Machine

Unique design, flexible, versatile, multiple colour
Support Fingerprint/ 1d barcode scanner/ Print QR code/ Bluetooth virtual printer

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15.6 inch All in one Pos With Thermal Printer

15.6" full viewing angle full HD touch display integrated screen

Optional thermal receipt printer


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11.6 inch Touch Screen Cash Register


11.6 inch Touch Screen Cash Register

New Product, original design, powerful

Support MSR/ Fingerprint/ Rfid/ 2*20 LCD/ VFD

Optional 58mm or 80mm thermal receipt printer/ 1d or 2d barcode scanner


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15 inch Aluminum Case POS Terminal


15 inch Aluminum Case POS Terminal

Powerful, Flexible, Customizable

Support MSR/ Fingerprint/ Rfid/ I-Button/ 2*20 LCD/ VFD and 9.7 inch LCD.

Easy to replace 2.5-inch hard drive.


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15.6 inch Android/ Windows Point of Sale


15.6 inch Android/ Windows Point of Sale

Ultra-thin, Fast response, Popular

Support MSR/ Fingerprint/ Rfid/ 2*20 LCD/ VFD and 11.6 inch LCD

Provide OEM/ ODM services


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15 inch Touchscreen POS  Terminal


15 inch Touchscreen POS  Terminal

Classic style, stable performance

Support MSR/ Fingerprint/ Rfid/ 2*20 LCD/ VFD/9.7″ LCD


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15.6 inch self ordering kiosk


15.6 inch self ordering kiosk

15.6" full viewing angle full HD touch display integrated screen

Quickly and accurately scan 1D barcodes and payment QR codes

Optional thermal printer


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Two Factors Key To Purchasing Desktop POS Cashier Machine

When deciding which software is best for your retail business, you need to consider your size, your processes, and your future roadmap. Here two factors you need to take into consideration when you making decisions to purchase desktop pos system.


The Size of Your Business And Catalog

Let's start with the size. Do you have a department store or a seasonal pop-up store? If it's the former, you can choose to have a desktop point of sale system, mPOS, or even both. But if it is the latter, then a portable (i.e. mobile) system may be a better choice.


What is the size of your product catalog? If you have hundreds or thousands of SKUs in your database, a desktop POS machine is the best solution. Solutions that only provide mobile point-of-sale are generally not suitable for retailers with large catalogs and complex inventory requirements.


What Will You Need To Process and Your Request ?

You should also take into account existing systems and procedures. What is your process for ordering inventory and adding products to the system? What steps does a salesperson take when calling sales? Find the answers to these questions and make sure your point of sale or retail management system can support your process.


This is also the best time to consider the app or program you are currently using. If your accounting software, payment processor, e-commerce platform, etc. can connect to your point of sale, they will work better, so keep these apps in mind when purchasing a point of sale system anywhere.

Handheld POS Machine Boosts Businessmen's Interaction With Customers

When it comes to the contactless payment experience and the need for faster transactions, retailers can rely on handheld POS machine devices to improve customer satisfaction and business performance.


What Is A Portable Handheld POS System?

Tcang Handheld POS System is a device used to process electronic payments anywhere in a retail point of sale. This unit reads the customer's credit or debit card information, verifies available funds, transfers funds from the customer's account to the seller's account, records the transaction, and prints a receipt. POS technology combines software and hardware to complete transactions.


Additionally, the portability and economy of portable point-of-sale terminals make them a valuable choice for many retail businesses of all sizes.


By providing these benefits, POS handheld terminal can help you create competitive advantages and lasting customer relationships. How do you get the data? Just plug the POS device into a computer connected to the back-end system. You can download the results from every device in the store - consolidate, monitor and monetize the information in the format that works best for you. The immediate flow of detailed daily sales information increases the efficiency of tech-savvy managers.


Other benefits of cloud-based POS handheld terminal include simplifying the entire sales process by automating previously cumbersome sales report, analysis and inventory management information. Mobile point of sale terminals allow managers and employees to focus on other important issues, such as improving customer service.


Increase Customer Engagement

Competing with digital businesses and other physical stores, the customer experience is more important than ever. Technology can be a differentiator that helps companies stand out in a highly competitive market. What are you doing to cultivate the customer relationship? If you haven't already, consider setting up a portable point of sale system in your workplace.


These small and powerful devic produced by handheld POS machine manufacturers like us have proven abilities to simplify, automate and improve the sales experience. When it comes to emerging technologies, mobile point-of-sale terminals may be the best place to start.





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