Why Four-Point Barcode Scanner Can't Be Used ?

  • By:Tcang
  • Date:2021/11/03

The development of technology has gone through the development of various industries. I believe there is a face recognition payment device by your side. It is developed through automatic identification technology. The current development needs to be experienced slowly. The technology is based on POS barcode scanners for production or QR code recognition. People will find that various problems are often accompanied by various problems in the use process, making the barcode scanner unusable. Below we will take you to understand the principle. Repair four possible causes of failure and teach you how to solve the unavailable problem.



1. Reasons For Barcode Quality

First check the quality of the barcode, we can identify the quality of the barcode with the naked eye. The general bar code is composed of black bars and blanks according to the corresponding standard combination. There are some white spots on the bar, which should exist with other stains. It can be judged that the quality of the barcode has not deteriorated. If the horizontal bar code has a complete part, a better scanner can still read it. If it is black, the description is incomplete. The barcode is damaged and cannot be recognized. It is recommended to check the barcode printing device. Then check whether the ratio between idle and black bars is accurate.

2. Barcode System Problem

To be honest, if there are different code systems, common code systems designed by different barcode scanner manufacturers are code9, code93, codeAN-13, code 128, etc. If this is the case, we will enable the functions of other scanners of the barcode scanner accordingly, or use other scanners to identify the barcode scanner accordingly.

3. The Copyright of The Barcode

Use a barcode scanner to scan, and the barcode must be complete from left to right. The scanner cannot print incomplete barcodes.

4. The Problem of Scanning The Holster

My own question is the problem of the scanning gun itself, is there any possibility for the scanning gun, and whether it is broken. If other barcodes can be scanned, it is considered a barcode problem. Out, indicating that there is a problem with the scanning gun. Cannot use desktop barcode scanner. In addition to the above 4 reasons, there are other reasons that can cause the barcode scanner to malfunction. Only when the problem of the equipment is solved can the minor fault be solved.




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