Where to Buy Cheap Pos Machine? Pos Hardware Buying Guides

  • By:Tcang
  • Date:2021/06/07

What is POS Machine?

The full name of POS is Point Of Sale, which usually refers to the place where you complete the transaction. In the narrowest sense, POS machine refers to the transaction processing terminal located at the cashier’s office, which is used to process credit cards, debit cards or membership cards.

Usually, when you talk about POS machines, you think of entire POS terminals, including cash drawers, scanners, printers, etc. The different components work together to process payments. There are also many integrated POS devices, which are smaller in size but fully functional.

What are the Basic Functions of POS Machines?

In the past, the POS machine was a push-button cash register. Compared with the current demand, it can only record every transaction that the cashier participates in, and count the daily sales. This is the most basic function of a POS machine.

Cash registers are becoming more powerful. You can install custom software to manage sales, taxes, inventory, and even employee management. Improve work efficiency and save management costs.

What is POS Machine Used for?

POS machines can be used in any situation where transactions need to be processed. Commonly used in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, gas stations, etc. With the popularization of mobile network technology, portable POS machines have become popular for processing outdoor mobile transactions. Such as takeaway business, taxi, etc.

POS Hardware

POS hardware includes pos machine, cash drawer, scanner, thermal printer, vfd customer display and Credit Card Reader.

Merchants can freely combine POS hardware according to demand to achieve higher work efficiency.

Or you can choose all-in-one POS hardware and concentrate all functions on one POS machine to save as much space as possible.

Where to buy cheap POS machine?

1. E-commerce website. Buying POS machines on Amazon, eBay, and other shopping sites can get your favorite brand at a low price, but you need to install it yourself, it is difficult to deal with after-sales problems.

2. Local store. POS machines can be quickly obtained at local stores, but are usually more expensive.

3. POS equipment manufacturers. This method is suitable for software vendors or distributors. Usually imported at a cheap price for re-distribution to local stores, but requires wholesale.

However, due to market competition, a small number of POS machines can also be easily obtained through Chinese websites.

Dongguan Tcang Electronics Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing POS machines since 2010. It has 10+ original models and many sizes to choose from. By 2020, the product line is very mature, and it continues to innovate. It studies the market needs to improve the functions of existing equipment.

tcang’s biggest advantage is that it can be sold in small quantities to meet the needs of all customers.

If you want to develop a unique model, you can also ask us to help you. We have a professional R & D design team and have a lot of experience in customizing models for customers.

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