Ways To Deal With The Unworked Touch Screen of Smart Touch Cash Register

  • By:Tcang
  • Date:2021/10/25

Speaking of POS cash registers, I believe many physical stores have them. It has to be said that the intelligence of the smart POS cash register equipment has indeed become a powerful assistant in store marketing. However, if the right-hand man gets sick from time to time, he will also annoy the user. The following editor will share with you. What should I do if there is a problem with the touch screen cash register of the pos system during use?


If the cash register responds when there is no operation in the store, please restart it first. If the system still does not respond after restarting, and the symptoms are still not good, don't worry, use the mouse at the time and the problem can be solved after arriving at the store.



So, what causes the cash register to be unresponsive to touch? We teach you a preliminary investigation :

First of all, we must first check whether the touch screen terminal cable of the cash register is loose or not tightly inserted. Generally, the touch screen line can be seen on the interface of the cash register, which is usually a USB interface.


Eliminate the looseness of the USB cable, and then check whether the touch drive of the POS cash register is normal. If the touch driver is deleted by mistake or there is a problem, you can arrange for the relevant cash register sales manufacturer to help you reinstall the touch driver.




If the above two reasons are eliminated, it is likely that the touch screen of the POS register machine is faulty, and the touch screen of the screen needs to be replaced, which needs to be sent back to the manufacturer of the cash register for replacement.


Of course, in order to reduce the symptoms of touch screen cash register not responding to touch, the most basic way is to buy a touch cash register with a certain quality assurance, especially when ordering cash register products in bulk, you need to find a strong high-tech equipment manufacturer and formal manufacturing. The supplier can fundamentally prevent the frequent occurrence of failures through the configuration of the quality control.




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