Transparency of The Touch Screen Pos Machine

  • By:TCANG
  • Date:2021/09/01

The transparency of touch screen pos machine directly affects the visual effect of touch cash register. All touch screen cash registers are made of multi-layer composite film touch pads, which are visually inadequate in terms of transparency, including at least four features: transparency, color distortion, reflectivity and clarity. But today’s technology is no different when it comes to touch cash register touch pads than transparent glass.


Absolute coordinate system of touch screen pos machine

Touch cash register is an absolute coordinate system. According to the industry software application to choose which direct point, similar to the keyboard and mouse, the essential difference in the application of positioning system is intuitive. The feature of the absolute coordinate system of the touch screen cashier machine is that the touch screen cash register is a set of independent coordinate positioning system in physical. The data of each touch is converted by calibration to the x and Y axes on the screen. In daily life, we use navigation by satellites and latitude and longitude on the earth, using the longitude and longitude axis of south and north, just like touch screen cash register touch positioning in that principle. However, it is required that the output data of the same point is stable under any circumstances.


The error of touch screen cash register

Touch screen inaccuracy, drift and delay is not allowed, such as cash register 4-line touch screen touch pad and cash register 5-line resistance touch screen touch pad compared four wire is much worse, four-wire touch sensitivity effect reaction delay the cash register. If damage any of four-wire line work touch screen can’t touch the cash register. Five-wire resistance touch screen cash register will not be unable to work because of the damage of one of the lines. Generally, there are three kinds of touch response delays of five-wire resistance touch screen cash register:


The bad quality touch screen panel of touch screen; touch screen cash register motherboard, CPU, memory has been reinstalled; the touch driver installation for the touch register is incomplete validation Settings.


Four types of touch screen cash register

According to the working principle of the touch screen cash register, the touch panel can be divided into four types: resistance type, capacitance type, infrared type and surface acoustic type. Each type of touch screen has its own advantages and disadvantages, we need to understand different occasions and work environment to use which type.


1. Resistivetouch screen cash register (resistive touch screen cash register includes four-wire and five-wire). The screen is not affected by dust, water vapor and oil, which can be used in low or high temperature environment. The touch-screen is pressure-sensitive and can be touched with anything from gloves to resistive touch screens.


2. In principle, the capacitive screen uses the human body as an electrode of a capacitor element. When there is a conductor close to the ITO working face of the inter-layer and a sufficient amount of capacitance is coupled, the current will be enough to cause the operation of the capacitive screen. Capacitive touch screens require only one or no calibration after production.


3. Infrared touch screen cash register is not afraid of water,pollution andhas the cost advantage of small size. It is suitable for industrial control products and personal portable products, but it is afraid of scratches.


4. The sound wave touch screen cash register is affected by dust, water droplets, oil, etc., and the reflection array needs to be cleaned regularly.


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