Tips For Choosing Barcode Paper For POS System Printers

  • By:Tcang
  • Date:2021/11/23

Bar code paper is not uncommon in our lives. When you walk into a supermarket, you can see the bar code paper used by the weighing platform. The bar code paper will quickly print out the product name, price, weight and other information through the printer, and then the clerk will meet Stick the barcode paper on the package of the product you purchased. When paying, the front desk staff only needs to scan the QR code to know all the information of the product. Does it seem very convenient? With the popularization of bar code paper used in POS touch terminal, more and more manufacturers of bar code paper are produced. However, the quality of bar code paper on the market is uneven, so it is best for us to be skillful when choosing.



Methods and Skills of Choosing Barcode Paper

1. Since soft PVC and PET barcode paper often overflows, it is best for us to choose water when gluing, because hot melt adhesives are easy to seep.

2. Pay attention to the selection, especially the material elastomer, and the diameter is less than 30MM.

3. If the size of the barcode paper used in a POS cashier machine is too large or too small, you must pay attention to the actual test.

4. It should be specially selected for the environment with a lot of water and oil, and it is suitable for the environment and temperature to affect the characteristics of the adhesive.

5. When labeling irregular ground objects, materials must be carefully selected.

6. In the case of an automatic labeling machine, a labeling test should be carried out to avoid inappropriate situations.

7. Avoid experiencing high temperatures during transportation.


Finally, if there is light on the surface of the corrugated box used, which will affect the labeling as a whole, you must pay attention to this.




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