Three Step to Check Touch Screen POS System Not Working

  • By:Tcang
  • Date:2021/06/07

About touch screen POS machine, here believe that shops and stores are familiar to it. From the traditional computerized cash register to the intelligent touch-controlled cash register, that is widely used in the street today. The POS terminal and payment hardware equipment has also been experienced technological innovation. We have to say that the intelligent function of the intelligent touch cash register has indeed become the marketing right-hand man of the shop.

However, if the right-hand man gets sick from time to time, it can also annoy the business. The following is to share with you what to do when there are problems in the use of touch screen cash register.

For example, the cash register didn’t respond, the smart touch screen didn’t respond, etc. If there is no response from the touch of the cash register during operation, restart it at first. If the system still does not respond after the restart and the symptoms are still not solved, don’t worry. At this time, you can use a mouse first and then solve the problem after the store operation is finished.

So what causes the cash register to be non-touch? Let us check it one by one:

First of all, we should check whether the touch screen cable of the cash register is loose or not tightly inserted. Generally, the touch screen cable can be seen on the interface of the cash register, which is usually the USB interface.

If the USB cable is normal, then check whether the touch drive of the cash register is running normally. If the touch drive is deleted by mistake or there is a problem, you can arrange the relevant technology to help you install a touch drive again.

If the above two reasons are excluded, it is very likely that there is a problem with the touch screen itself. The touch screen of the cash register needs to be replaced, and it needs to be sent back to the manufacturer of the cash register for replacement.

Of course, in order to reduce this issue of the cash register, the most basic way is to choose and buy with certain quality assurance the touch of a cash register, particularly in large orders cashier products, need to look for the strength of high-tech equipment manufacturers, normal manufacturer quality pass configuration, which can be fundamentally put an end to frequent failures.

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