Precautions For Novices Using Handheld Terminals

  • By:TCANG
  • Date:2021/09/18

Handheld logistics, manufacturing, clothing, express delivery, supermarkets and other industries with a wide range of terminal applications are using tools. Because many android handheld pos terminals are now handheld systems, our handheld mobile phones have been used; different discovery terminals ultimately use office efficiency for research, and have certain operating specifications. So as news without a terminal, what should be paid attention to? let's see.



1. Pay attention to initialization

I just bought a new handheld terminal, and it will usually be initialized. Many people may not understand why the POS handheld terminal just bought needs to be initialized? Initialization can release internal storage space for the handheld terminal, ensure the safety of the device, and reduce the probability of errors during use. Because no matter how brand new a handheld terminal is, the initial data source will occupy a certain amount of storage space. In order to maximize the storage space, initialization is required; the handheld terminal has a default system password. Only after initialization, the user can set another password to ensure the security of the device.


2. Download software and various operations

After the initialization is complete, all contents in the handheld terminal need to be reset, calibrated and downloaded. The handheld terminal runs various operations in the safest state. Download software and various parameter settings need to be operated step by step according to the needs of our use.


3. The operation must be standardized

For a brand new handheld terminal, it must be standardized when used. For example, when using a data cable to transmit data, and the acquisition software is not closed, you must not directly plug in or unplug the data cable. When the handheld terminal needs to be charged, be sure to close or close all software before charging.


The above are three points that novices need to pay attention to when using POS machine terminals. The password setting of the first point requires special attention. This step can better protect the security of the device and data information. There are also several points that need special attention, such as staying away from strong acids and strong alkaline substances, and frequent maintenance during use; this will make the handheld terminal have a longer service life.




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