PDA Billing Equipment, Double The Work Efficiency

  • By:Tcang
  • Date:2021/09/29

PDA scanning code issuing device unified receipt and delivery, immediate delivery

(1) PDA billing, classified supervision by salespersons, no need to walk around at will

Each of the 6 clerks is responsible for several categories. The PDA is billed and will not move around. Sales staff introduce products and quotations, PDA checkout.

(2) Unified collection, customers register, pay and print sales slips at the cashier

(3)See Print Receipt for delivery by the shipper

(4)Check the number of products that the salesperson is responsible for daily


Check directly with the sales staff through the system receipt every night. Supervisors check this morning's inventory in Good Business. Receipt and Inventory Summary Table; today's purchases, sales, and inventory, if there is a big difference in inventory, they will find the reason and view the video. No matter how many customers do not line up, people will cut the cost in half.



The billing transaction process has been very standardized. Do not lose orders and avoid loopholes in internal position guidance. But how can we issue notes more efficiently? With the increase in business volume, there may be more than 400 orders from 5 am to 10 am by mobile pos services every day. In order to reduce the queue, 4 cashiers are recruited and 4 computers are used to collect money. However, the original software operation is relatively cumbersome. Three minutes later, there was still a long queue at the customer site.


 PDA small ticket printer, faster printing speed, higher cashier efficiency

The software is fast at first, but the cashier has to wait for the printer to finish printing, and it takes a minute for the dot printer to print the order. Print a small ticket in a few seconds, and the cashier efficiency is further improved.




5 minutes money, Nissin, the boss gets off work early. Every boss in the enterprise wants to control his own pocketbook. Many bosses in the wholesale industry manage their own funds and record systems, and they work very hard every day. When opening a bill with a PDA, there is a request: "Can you liberate me and let me earn a penny every day, without me doing anything."


PDA meter, mobile phone 5 minutes quick reconciliation

1) The cashier fills in the settlement account number when receiving the payment, and collects the payment in real time according to the customer and the account.

2) The cashier uses the mobile phone to check the bank flow status of each settlement account and check with the system. If there is a difference, it will be dealt with according to the actual situation.

3) The boss spends 5 minutes a day to check the daily income and expenditure of each account on his mobile phone. If the total amount is consistent with a good business, then the accounts are correct!




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