How to Maintain The Food And Beverage Kitchen Printer

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  • Date:2021/07/16

1. The printer has a lot of oil or water vapor in the kitchen, so remember to clean it up after a long time using.


2. regularly use the cleaning tools to clean the dust, paper, etc.


3. regularly check the bar to the kitchen network cable, ping to see if there is a "lost bag" phenomenon.


4. employees after work must remember to power off the printer.


5. The USB cable of the bar printer should not be inserted at will, but should be inserted into the back of the host.


6. Be careful of cockroaches entering the printer and clean it regularly.


Printer as the essentials of cafe cashier management system, open restaurants with bill printer to print the menu has become a trend, so choose a good paper printer is key. It can be exempted from busy time after hutch trouble, and reduce the problem when the guest check-out couldn't play the statement.





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