How To Extend The Service Life Of Print Head Of POS Barcode Printer

  • By:Tcang
  • Date:2021/11/23

If the printer is the most valuable for printing, it is the print head. The print head of POS barcode printer is important, but it is also the most fragile. Most people want to know that the printer's print head usually has a short life span. Regarding this issue, anything will wear out over time. It depends on everyone's maintenance effort and attention. Let's talk about the possible problems with the print head of the barcode printer and some preventive measures.


1. What is the general lifespan of the print head of a barcode printer ?

Basically, the life of the print head of a desktop barcode scanner is not calculated by the length of time. It is calculated based on the length of the print, a bit like the kilometers of a car. Generally, the normal service life of the print head is about 30km~50km, how many labels can be printed ?


For example, the label height is 3cm = about 16.66 million sheets, but the print head also needs maintenance and care like a car engine. The most direct damage to the print head and shorten the life of the print head are labels and ribbons. Because these consumables are in direct contact with the print head, just like gasoline in a car. Therefore, the quality requirements for consumables must not be evaluated by price alone. Otherwise, because the cheap label hurts the expensive print head, the gain is not worth the loss.


2. What is the reason for the broken needle of the bar code printer print head ?

The bar code printing head consists of a row of hot needles, the higher the density, the thinner the hot needles. Therefore, it is easy to see that the print head has broken needles. If you find a straight, fixed blank line from top to bottom on the printed label, it means that the print head has broken needles and the print head is broken. The needle cannot be repaired, it can only be replaced, and the price is not cheap. It is important to take care of it.


3. What are the main factors that cause broken needles in printing ?

①. The surface of inferior labels is uneven, which is one of the main reasons for broken needles.

②. The dust on the surface of the paper scrapes thin needles like a big rock.

③. Due to the use of inferior ribbons and labels, the temperature of the print head must be increased to make the print clear, but high temperature is also the cause of easy breakage of the needle and shortening the life of the print head.

④. The label dropped on the ground is covered with dust and is rolled back for use.

⑤. The width of the ribbon should be wider than the label, because the edge of the label is very sharp; it will not only cut hands, but also cut the print head, so do not use a size narrower than the label to save the ribbon; the cost of changing the print head was greater than the savings. .

⑥. The roller under the print head is not clean; there are many protruding hard rubber blocks that cause the road to limp.


4. How to maintain the print head of the barcode printer ?

①. Try to use labels and ribbons provided by barcode printer agents. At least they understand the characteristics of the printer, understand the importance and cost of the print head.

②. Do not use labels that have fallen on the ground, are stained with dust, or are unpackaged.

③. Do not adjust the temperature of the print head at will to print a little black, as long as it is clear and printable.

④. The horizontal and vertical pressure of the barcode print head must be accurate to avoid uneven load and broken needles.

⑤. For every three rolls of ribbon, wipe the bar code print head with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, then wipe the bar code print head with a clean tarp, and then wipe the dust off the machine with a brush.


The above is a brief introduction of Tcang barcode printer head's possible problems and some preventive measures. In fact, whether it is a print head or a printer, we should maintain it properly so that it can be used during long-distance operation. 




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