How to choose cash register for the catering industry

  • By:tcang
  • Date:2022/01/07

1, according to the operation occupation (for example: is the retail industry, catering industry, service industry, etc.). Different occupations have different requirements for hardware and software. Distinguish by business process. For example: the restaurant industry - fast food - divided into two kinds: counter-type and table-top. Then there is to see the operating area and the number of single products.

2, depending on the degree of sophistication of the handler, in detail, that is, the handler wants to handle and understand what data through the cash register. For example: handle the sale of goods, import and export, or import and export inventory, or import and export inventory cost gross profit analysis, to supplier handling, waiter commission and so on.

3, the entire budget, the degree of precision and funding is directly proportional to the capital.

4, the use of personnel, as well as the level of computer processing personnel. If customers want to use the computer-based cash register system, we must think about this factor, otherwise the system will not reach the ideal role.

Currently, the market cash registers, most of them have a certain food service functions. The description of the function written on the introduction of the goal is also completely functional, but in fact, these functions are not able to withstand the scrutiny, so that customers simply can not use up.

Let's briefly say a few things.

1, food input

One of the biggest reasons for restricting the use of cash registers in the restaurant industry is that the cashier must use the cash register to back the dish number.  And this is the bottleneck of the second class cash register. Should choose the computer software commonly used simple code or help remember the code sales method. For example: shredded pork with fish, just enter "YXRS" on . This function breaks through the cash register in the restaurant industry, the need for the cash register back dish number bottleneck.

2、 Kitchen printing

Not to be able to connect the receipt printer from the kitchen out of the single that is the kitchen hit system. The real kitchen system to do the following points

-Kitchen printing to choose from 3 styles: small single (a dish of paper, as a manufacturing single), table single (a single table, as a single kitchen typing menu or on the menu), class single (according to the single stall separate single, as multiple kitchen typing scratch menu)

-Print backup function, the cash register can always capture the kitchen printer error conditions (lack of paper, online, etc.), once the print failure, can not die or lose the menu, must be able to back up from their own receipt printer out.

3、 Waiter handling

-must promise the same table, not the same dishes to choose a different waiter, can not replace the waiter at the same table is not a waiter, but a collector.

-The waiter details report, the reason is the choice of waiter processing function must be to waiter commission processing. If the waiter report without details as long as the total, in fact, simply useless.

The formation of these reasons have no more than 3 reasons

1, the most critical is the developer and the market, customer disconnect. Simply do not know the real needs of professional customers. Instead, they fabricate out of thin air and cut corners to imitate.

2, the developer's software and hardware level is poor.

3、 The idea of businessmen, as businessmen manufacturers, only want to bring immature things to the market as soon as possible. Not the approach of technical manufacturers.




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