Do Cash Registers Need To Be Equipped With Servers ?

  • By:TCANG
  • Date:2021/09/01

Some time ago, our cash register manufacturers met a customer raised this question,  cash registers need to be equipped with servers? For this problem, today I will make a unified answer to this question, I hope it can help you.



Supermarket size and business conditions determine whether the commercial cash register configuration server, if business is good and large, you need to be in the supermarket cash registers need to be equipped with servers, because the size of the large also means that you have more goods. If you do not add a server in the case of more traffic and goods, will face the problem of slow running supermarket cash registers, hard disk is not enough and other problems. Supermarket cash registers with servers, in the background of the server can be entered into the commodity, the front POS machine for supermarket is used to collect money, many large supermarkets are such.



If you open a small supermarket, if the area and traffic is not very large, it is recommended not to use the server, buy a good supermarket cash register can eliminate the need to buy the server money, simple and save money.


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