Brief Introduction of Face Recognition Toilet Paper Machine

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  • Date:2021/08/02

Toilet is a very important part of people's life. For a long time, "toilet problem" has been a short board of urban people's livelihood. As early as April 2015, since then, some enterprises with strong sense of social responsibility and strong scientific and technological strength have been committed to developing high-tech practical equipment to solve the embarrassment of toilets. The first intelligent face recognition paper feeder is one of the representative products. Beijing Liuhe Hospital of Capital Medical University fully launched the first intelligent face recognition toilet paper machine one year ago, which has been widely praised!


User group: no operation, easy to clean


Patients in the hospital are using the face recognition paper feeder: facing the screen for 3 seconds, the device will slowly spit out 80cm toilet paper. No other operation is required in the whole process.


"It's so convenient!" People waiting to take paper from the side laugh at the public. " This paper feeder feels very advanced. "As long as you sweep the surface, you can produce paper. More importantly, this is an appropriate step. I've seen similar free paper machines in other places before. I also use my mobile phone to scan QR codes and pay attention to official accounts. It's not troublesome at all. And from the feeling, the paper taken out of the machine is much cleaner than the roll of paper directly put there, ha ha“


Cleaning personnel: visual management, use paper at any time



The equipment screen displays the information of the machine's paper taking amount and paper taking person time in real time. When the quantity of remaining toilet paper towels is insufficient, the equipment will issue a paper shortage warning in time to remind the maintenance personnel to replace the toilet paper.


Cleaning aunt in the routine inspection of the hospital toilet sanitation at the same time, told reporters: "because the hospital uses this machine, it is clear at a glance whether there is paper in the toilet. There is no need to worry about the patient's lack of paper all the time. There may have been too many cases of taking things and stealing in the past. 8: Put in a roll of new paper at 30 and run out at 9:00. We can only add once at a time. We not only use less paper now, but also when there is no paper, the machine will remind us to maintain it. Now, changing a roll of paper every day is enough. We saved trouble and the doctors and patients were very satisfied. "


Hospital director: the cost is decreasing and the service is improving


According to the interview between the reporter and the person in charge of hospital logistics, since the adoption of face recognition toilet paper machine this year, on the one hand, it has greatly reduced the cost of purchasing paper by the hospital, on the other hand, it has also greatly improved the medical experience of patients.


"We believe that cost and service are win-win." The doctor introduced the achievements of the toilet revolution since the adoption of face recognition toilet paper machine. Our fixed idea is that if we want to provide better services to the people, we must pay more costs, such as buying more paper and maintaining more equipment. But now, what we see is that through cooperation with high-tech enterprises in society, we can reduce costs and improve services. In the future, we have confidence and ways to bring better and more comprehensive medical service experience to the masses. "


For hospitals, toilets are an important window to reflect the hospital environment and medical services. It embodies human dignity and represents the civilization of the hospital. The first small intelligent face recognition paper feeder highlights the attitude of serving the people and striving for perfection in details, so that everyone can always feel the temperature and depth of the public medical system.


It has to be said that when the state proposed the "toilet revolution", this high-tech equipment - face recognition paper feeder - was actually a sunrise industry of artificial intelligence standing at the exit of bonus. From small to large, if tens of millions of public toilets, such as municipal sanitation, park scenic spots, medical and health system, commercial super buildings, transportation hubs, etc., adopt this equipment, it will create a huge market for blue sea development!


In life, most people have experienced such difficulties: there is no paper in the toilet and there is no place to buy for the time being; Find a public toilet with free paper, but there is only an empty shelf; It is not easy to see the free roll paper, but it has been soaked and damaged due to non-standard use of other... In all cases




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