AI Smart Canteen Has Become An Industry Trend And New Business Opportunity

  • By:TCANG
  • Date:2021/09/10

With the rapid development of technology, AI smart canteens with digitization and intelligence as the core have become the mainstream of canteen development. Why is AI smart canteen popular with the public, and where are its advantages? Wisdom canteen tells you the answer. As one of the suppliers of smart canteens, the smart canteen management system developed by it has been well received by customers and won unanimous praise from the industry.


The smart canteen integration solution uses digital means to create an informatized canteen, optimize the dining experience of consumers, improve canteen management efficiency, ensure canteen food safety, and bring new wisdom and diversification to the traditional canteen industry.



1. Optimize the consumer dining experience

Aiming at different forms such as traditional canteen booth scenes, self-selected meals, self-service dining, etc., the intelligent canteen management system can be subdivided into smart stalls, smart self-selected meals, smart buffets, and online ordering. Other catering solutions and applications Intelligent identification and settlement desks realize accurate bookkeeping and fast settlement. At the same time, aggregate payment can satisfy all consumers' dining settlement methods. From reducing communication time, reducing queue time, reducing waiting time, improving canteen service, and optimizing consumer dining experience.


2. Improve the efficiency of canteen management

Canteen management should be divided into regions, types of work, and time to achieve refined management of canteens. The smart canteen management system has ten modules such as user management, dish management, order management, reservation management, purchase, sales and inventory management, and business statistics management. The canteen responds to the managers and precisely controls the responsible departments. For example, based on operating costs and income issues, the smart canteen conducts a summary analysis of front-end sales data and back-end cost data, conducts multi-dimensional operating financial statement statistics, and improves canteen management efficiency.


3. Ensure food safety in canteens

The intelligent canteen management system realizes the whole process monitoring and detailed information recording from the warehousing of ingredients to the sale of dishes, ensuring food safety in the canteen. When food is put into storage, pesticide residue testing will be carried out to ensure food safety. The bright stove and smart AI monitor the kitchen's behavior during food preparation to ensure safe operation. The traceability of dishes is to ensure that the dishes are traceable and traceable when they are sold. . "Traceable", consumers use the canteen environmental safety monitoring when dining to ensure the safety of the canteen.


All walks of life are paying attention to government canteens, corporate canteens, and school canteens. The integrated solution of smart canteens aims to create smart canteens that satisfy consumers for government agencies, enterprises and institutions, schools, large parks, and community canteens. Create a technological canteen that meets the dining needs of all consumers, and promote the development of the traditional canteen industry with new vitality.

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