Accessory equipment for touch screen cash registers

  • By:Tcang
  • Date:2021/12/30

Touch screen cash register is one of the most convenient, simple, natural and practical human-computer interaction equipment, a collection of computer technology integrated design, now touch screen all-in-one machine attachment equipment is gradually increasing, the common ones are mainly the following.

1) printer: in addition to the built-in printer, the cash register can also be connected to external printers, such as kitchen printers and ticket printers used in the catering industry.

2) barcode reader: also known as barcode scanner, is the barcode reading device, from the appearance can be divided into four kinds: pen type, handheld, desktop, card type, according to the light source can be divided into two kinds: infrared light and laser.

3) Magnetic card reader: it is a magnetic recording signal reading or writing device, the credit card recorded information read into the cash register. It has more types and models, distinguished from the number of magnetic traces as single track, double track, three tracks.

4) Electronic scales: When weighing and measuring goods on site, the electronic scales transmit the weight extremely data to the cash register.

5)Modem: i.e. MODEM is to transmit the data from the cash register to the computer through the telephone line.

6) Backup power supply: i.e. UPS is used to supply electricity directly from the battery to the cash register after a power failure.




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