Restaurant cashier problems? Teach you to check common faults and solutions

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  • Date:2022/01/13

Restaurant customers come like clouds every day, which is naturally the most desirable scenario for restaurant owners. However, if the cashier is out of order at the time, it is easy to lose the customers. Sometimes encounter a lot of people, the cash register and coincidentally broken, the face of the complex machine, the bosses are also a head two big.

The following small compilation of some of the restaurant smart cash register common failures and solutions, according to this article will be able to solve most of the cashier problems!


1, the problem: the printer can not print normally. Some of the cash registers will have a red light on prompt.

2, the reason: the paper path with debris, sensor damage or print settings error

3, the solution: a, check whether the cashier and printer data line is connected. b, check whether the print paper is used up, whether the paper jam or no paper; c, check whether the cashier's print settings are correct. d, gently pat the bottom of the printer, pour out the debris and then try to restart the print.

If you use a smart cash register like Tcang-Touch-A9-P, which comes with a thermal printer, you can save the steps to connect the printer and reduce printing errors.

Dead machine chapter

1, the problem: the cash register stopped in a different interface, move the mouse / cursor on the screen, hit the keyboard also did not respond

2, the reason: parts overheating, system conflicts and many other reasons

3, solution: check whether the power supply fan and the chip fan is running normally, stop running or slow speed are too high temperature caused by the dead machine.

Boot abnormalities

1, the problem: a, after the power light does not light b, the power light is on but the machine is not on c, the screen only shows the icon but can not enter the system page

2, the reason: abnormal power connection, connection errors, hardware damage

3, solution: a, check whether the power supply is connected, especially the power DC head position, whether the power plug is damaged; b, check whether the wrong adapter, disconnect the power to retry; c, press the power button is too long, if the hardware is damaged, then arrange for factory maintenance.


  1、Problem: touch screen malfunction

  2, the reason: the presence of foreign objects or cracks on the touch screen, or by oil, temperature, humidity.

  3, the solution: check whether there are foreign objects on the touch screen. Unplug the power to restart the machine to verify whether it can be restored. If all can not, it is recommended that all peripherals removed to restart the cash register.

Internet access

1、Problem: Internet access is not available

2, the reason: IP address abnormalities, equipment abnormalities, not linked to the correct routing line

3, the solution: a, check whether the IP address and other information is correct b, try to restart the front-end routing device c, the network cable connected to the network port light is flashing d, try other network connections can be normal Internet access.

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