Smart touch cash register touch does not respond how to do?

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  • Date:2022/03/24

There are a lot of merchants in the use of cash registers in one way or another problems, such as cash registers do not respond, intelligent touch screen does not respond, etc.. If the store in the operation of the cash register touch unresponsive, after restarting or no solution, what should be done? First, there is no hurry, then you should first use a mouse to use the top, and then solve the problem after the end of the store operation. What causes the cashier touch unresponsive? Cashier manufacturers Boshiet for everyone's preliminary analysis.

First we must first check the cash register touch screen line is not loose did not insert the tight situation, the general touch screen line in the cash register interface to see can be, commonly for the USB interface.

Exclude is a good USB line loose, then check the cash register touch driver is not normal operation, if the touch driver was mistakenly deleted or problems, you can arrange the relevant cash register manufacturers to help you reinstall a touch driver.

If the above two reasons are ruled out, then it is likely that the cash register touch screen problems, the need to replace the screen touch screen, you need to send back to the cash register manufacturer to replace.

Of course, in order to reduce the symptoms of touch screen cash register touch does not respond, the most basic method is to purchase a touch cash register to recognize the strength of the manufacturer, the regular manufacturers of quality configuration, is able to fundamentally put an end to the frequent occurrence of 

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