Smart self-service ordering machines make restaurants full of technology

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  • Date:2022/06/08

In the new catering era, no matter the streets and alleys, there are restaurants all over the place, basically blooming all over the place. The restaurant has always adhered to the principle of "convenient and safe dining", while introducing intelligent self-service ordering machines to inject a sense of technology, Fashion style, form a new service method and improve customer experience.


When you walk into the "restaurant", you can see the intelligent self-service ordering machine on the wall. The attractive dishes are displayed, which makes you appetizing. After selecting the dishes you need according to the menu, you can pay directly online (Alipay, WeChat, swiping, etc.) face, etc.) is ok, you can wait for the meal with the receipt in a few simple steps. Completely bid farewell to the peak queue and complicated ordering process, making the ordering experience more free, and I am the master of my ordering.

Since the launch of the intelligent self-service ordering machine with a sense of technology, it has attracted young people who pass by the door of the "restaurant" to stop by one after another to experience the speed brought by the intelligent self-service ordering machine, which has attracted a large number of passengers for the restaurant. The increased popularity of the restaurant!

The intelligent self-service ordering machine refreshes the traditional ordering method of "restaurants". From ordering method, payment method, menu selection and service content, it gives more freedom to customers. Enjoy a simple and relaxing dining experience. At the same time, self-service ordering effectively disperses the flow of ordering people, relieves the work pressure of the waiters, and improves the efficiency of the restaurant while saving labor costs.




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