Self-service cash registers are divided into vertical, desktop and mobile, how should we choose?

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  • Date:2022/04/15

With the rising labor cost, many supermarkets have introduced self-checkout machines. Customers only need to scan the barcode of goods one by one in front of the sweep box of the self-checkout cashier, the self-checkout machine can automatically account for the total price of goods, and customers can then complete the sweep payment in front of the self-checkout machine. But the self-checkout machine is divided into vertical, wall-mounted, desktop, etc., in the purchase of self-checkout machine, how do we choose it?

1, vertical / wall-mounted self-checkout machine

Because the size of these self-help cashier is relatively large, most of them are suitable for supermarkets, large shopping malls and other places. The use of vertical or wall-mounted self-checkout machine, giving a more beautiful atmosphere. In terms of commodity display, the large size screen can also display richer content. Idle time can even be used as advertising rotation and discount information display advertising machine, killing two birds with one stone.

2、Desktop self-checkout machine

Smaller, can be placed in small convenience stores, community supermarkets, shopping malls on the checkout counter. At present, many convenience stores have also introduced desktop self-help cash registers. It has the advantage of taking up little space, being relatively easy to move and install, allowing customers to self-settle and reduce checkout time in line. It is worth noting that goods without price tags, such as buns and noodles in convenience stores, cannot be entered into the price simply by scanning the code, and sometimes it is still necessary for the clerk to operate the entry. The dual-screen setting of the desktop self-checkout machine allows the customer to scan the code on one side and the clerk to enter the amount by clicking directly on the touch screen on the other side. It is said that after the introduction of self-service cash registers, Convenience Bee can save 10,000 yuan per month in labor costs.

Self-service cashier is divided into vertical, desktop and mobile, how should we choose?

3、Mobile self-checkout

Without the specific self-help cashier, only the user needs to use APP or small program, use the phone to scan the barcode of goods and pay directly, you can quickly complete the self-help settlement. Wal-Mart supermarket is the implementation of the code to buy this way, although it seems to save the purchase cost of self-checkout machine, in fact, the development of small programs, as well as guide customers to use APP and small programs need to promote the cost, more suitable for the use of some retailers with high brand awareness, because the use of third-party APP and small programs, customers will exist a certain degree of wariness and suspicion, if it is more famous mall supermarket In the popularization of the promotion of cell phone code self-checkout process is relatively easy.

Self-service cashier is divided into vertical, desktop and mobile, how should we choose?

In the end, the self-checkout machine can not only reduce labor costs and ease the flow of people at the peak, but also help stores to collect consumption data and rationalize the deployment of human resources in the store, so as to optimize the operation of people and goods.

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