Reasons why cash registers run fast and slow

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  • Date:2022/12/15

I believe that many cashier users will have encountered the cashier running sluggish, especially in the peak of business, encounter the cashier in the process of operation, more than ten seconds to respond, y will let the cashier frantic, but also delay to the customer queue ordering time, affecting the user experience. After knowing the importance of the cashier operating speed, Tcang editor today to talk to you about the POS cashier running fast and slow for several reasons!

(1) configuration is too low: this is a lot of customers to buy certain brands of second-hand configuration of the cash register hard, although there are some cash registers on the market is very cheap, but we all know that cheap no good, cash registers are also, the lower the price, the lower the configuration used, often more are used machines, many customers are using cheap cash registers after frequent failures, regret, and spend money again Buy a better configuration of the cash register.

Tcang editor on this side of the advice, cash registers try to buy using the mainstream configuration, memory 2G, hard disk 500G, CPU frequency 1.8GHz.

 (2) too much software: some users like to use the cash register as a computer, download a lot of useful software, I suggest that we try not to download too much software POS cash register, unless your configuration is very high, like the lower configuration, or try to avoid too much software it. Also note that the software is not downloaded in the C disk.

(3) desktop icons: too many desktop icons will also affect the speed of operation Oh, try to put the software, documents, etc. in the file.

(4) system maintenance: we can install an anti-virus software to the cash register, such as security guards, and then regularly to the cash register to clean up the system rubbish, repair vulnerabilities, check the Trojan horse, etc., will be effective in keeping the cash register normal operation speed Oh.




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