How pos machine works?

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  • Date:2022/04/23

The working principle of POS system

The basic principle of POS system is to first create the product information in the computer file, through the computer cash register online architecture, the barcode on the product can be read directly through the optical reading device on the cash register equipment (or by entering the code directly from the keyboard) can immediately display the product information (unit price, department, discount...) Speed up the speed and accuracy of the cash register. Detailed information of each sale (price, department, period, customer level) is automatically recorded and sent back to the computer by the online architecture. The computer calculates and processes the information to generate various sales statistics for management purposes.

POS is through the card reader to read the cardholder's magnetic stripe information on the bank card, the POS operator to enter the transaction amount, the cardholder to enter personal identification information (i.e., password), POS to these information through the UnionPay Center, sent to the issuing bank system to complete the online transaction, to give information on the success or otherwise, and print the corresponding bills. The application of POS enables the online consumption of credit cards, debit cards and other bank cards, ensuring the security, speed and accuracy of transactions, avoiding the tedious labor of manually checking black lists and pressing bills, and improving work efficiency.

The magnetic stripe card module is designed to meet the needs of three magnetic channels magnetic cards, i.e. this module should be able to read magnetic cards of 1/2, 2/3 and 1/2/3 magnetic channels.

The communication interface circuit usually consists of RS232 interface, PINPAD interface, IRDA interface and RS485 etc. The RS232 interface is usually the POS program download port, the PINPAD interface is usually the interface between the host and the password keypad, and the IRDA interface is usually the infrared communication interface between the cell phone and the landline. Interface signals are usually composed of a transmit signal, a receive signal and power signal.

MODEM board consists of a central processing module, memory module, MODEM module, and telephone line interface. First, the POS will first detect the /RING and /PHONE signals to determine if the voltage on the phone line is available, the switch returns a pullable tone, the POS pulls the number, the transmit light flashes, starts pulling the number, the communication protocol determines the signal handshake confirmation between the switch and the POS, etc., before starting the POS data exchange, the signal is sent and received through the MODEM circuit; after completion hang up to end the process.

POS machine function use.

1、Applicable to large and medium-sized supermarkets, chain stores, hypermarkets, large and medium-sized restaurants and all high-level management of retail enterprises.

2, with IC card function, can use membership card and internal issue IC card and valuable securities.

3、Can speak guest display.

4, can be externally connected to a variety of peripherals such as scan guns, printers.

5, with front and back office into, sales, storage and distribution and other large chain supermarket management functions.

6, catering type with food service functions, can be connected to multiple kitchen printers, handheld ordering machines and other peripherals.

7, can realize unattended and PC remote communication, download information.

8, with Ethernet communication function, through ADSL broadband constitute the total, branch network instant management system.




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