Do self-checkout machines in supermarkets work better than manual ones?

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  • Date:2022/04/01

With the development of mobile payment and the sweeping wave of new retail, self-checkout machines are used in restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores and other daily consumption scenarios, bringing great efficiency improvements to merchants' cashiering, marketing and management, and refreshing consumers' experience.

Whenever some supermarkets hold holiday promotions, there are always many customers snapping up discounted goods and filling their shopping carts to the brim. At this time, our biggest fear is the long and long line in front of the cashier. Sometimes encounter the cashier to enter the goods slow, customers want to temporarily return a thing, or even temporarily to add something, let their companions to the shelves to get something, seriously slowing down the queue behind the checkout time.

Now, many shopping malls and supermarkets have introduced self-service checkout counters, face payment and other intelligent means to speed up the checkout checkout. Why is self-checkout machines more popular than manual cashier?

Self-service cashier eliminates the time for customers to wait in line, customers will be able to enter the goods to be purchased by aligning the barcode to the scan box below the self-checkout counter, and then pay through mobile payment, the whole process only takes 1-2 minutes if operated skillfully. In the manual cashier channel in the painful queue of time, the use of self-checkout cashier customers have completed their own goods sweep code settlement and payment, easy out of the supermarket.

Self-service cashier can optimize the staffing of the supermarket

Since the self-checkout machine is so convenient, does self-checkout mean that the future of the supermarket store no longer need clerks? In fact, in the supermarket's self-checkout channel, you can see that there are still a few staff on duty, they are mainly responsible for teaching customers how to use the self-checkout counter for checkout. "Self-service cashiering is always a relatively new way of cashiering and settlement, which needs to be cultivated by cultivating users' habits of use. Once users are familiar with the self-checkout process, they will be more comfortable using it in the future, and the self-checkout speed will be faster."

For operators, a dozen cashiers may also be too busy to cope with the peak flow of customers, requiring additional manpower costs to cope. But during the daily hours when fewer people are shopping, cashiers are idle, resulting in a waste of manpower. Self-service cashier can solve this imbalance, when busy, you can quickly check out to ease the flow of customers, and when idle, you can play promotional information on the large touch screen of the self-service cashier, without any increase or decrease in manpower. The self-service cashier can work continuously for 24 hours, which can make up for the lack of manpower during the night shift. 

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