Determination of common faults in POS cash registers

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  • Date:2022/12/30

Contact with POS cash register products know that, as electronic products, no matter which brand which price point, there are times when there are failures. Today, I will talk about the more common failures of POS cash registers and solutions.

(A) POS cash register display does not light up.

Judgment: POS cash register in all parts of the normal connection and power, the cash register interface can be seen to have been energized but shows no signal output, regardless of whether the cash register has issued a non-normal alarm sound, are judged to be the POS cash register for the point does not light.

Fault causes: Usually the main possibility of causing the fault for the plug-in is not inserted tightly or cash register motherboard somewhere short-circuit or the main components have been damaged, thus causing a short circuit of the main board electric circuit.

(B) customer display can not be displayed.

Judgment: customer display suddenly can not be displayed, can be determined as a customer display failure.

Fault causes: customer display aging, program changes, host interface damage, COM3 port damage.

Checking method: the customer display will be connected to the normal display of the cash register to check whether the normal display, such as the normal display is to replace the host interface and COM3 port one by one, such as hardware replacement are no fault can check the program. At present, in addition to the Postcom warranty equipment, customer display hardware damage does not do maintenance.

(C) POS cash register time error.

Judgment: when the POS cash register in the normal cash register state when the time displayed is not consistent with the normal time can be determined that the machine's time error.

Cause of failure: the cashier before the SCO server boot, the cashier stand-alone, program error.

Checking method: First of all, when the cash register time error is found, immediately restart the cash register into the cash register system, such as still time error, can check whether the stand-alone machine, such as stand-alone machine can refer to (a), 1 section on the cash register stand-alone machine method to check; such as in the network state, can be determined as a program failure, at this time can enter the CMOS to modify the time of the machine.

Specific methods are as follows: in the cash register connected to the PC keyboard, at the beginning of the press DELETE key to enter the CMOS settings, select the first gear, move the cursor to DATE and TIME using PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN key to modify the content to the correct date and time, and then restart the cash register can be.




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