Catering cash register leak single reason

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  • Date:2022/06/22

Missing orders in the kitchen printer of a catering restaurant will affect the delay in the food ordered by the customer, or even missed, which will lead to the satisfaction of catering customers, and in serious cases, there may be complaints from customers and refunds. This will make the catering restaurant lose customers, affect the operation and reduce revenue.

Why would the kitchen printer of the catering cash register miss the order? Today, the cash register manufacturers to tell you a few points of the reasons for the leakage of a single.

(1) improper operation

1. If you find a steady stream of customers in the restaurant, but in the kitchen has not been a single, this is the first time we should think about whether there is a single leak, if it is a single leak, the first step to check whether the kitchen printer is open.

2. Check whether the printer has run out of small ticket paper. Then check whether the small ticket paper is placed correctly.

3. printer connection error.

(2) Software and hardware reasons

1. Kitchen printer hardware failure of the catering cash register, it is time to find the appropriate cash register manufacturer for maintenance.

2. Check whether the printer driver is normal on the cash register system.

3. In the cash register software to check whether the printer settings are normal.

(3) Poor environment and improper protection

1. Kitchen environment is humid, more steam, soot, such as water droplets, oil droplets splashed onto the printer, easy to cause circuit board short circuit and other failures, resulting in lost orders.

Understanding the causes of the kitchen printer leak single, we also need to know about the printer precautions.

(1) Do not spill water, oil drops into the printer.

(2) the printer is out of the single, do not human pull.

(3) the direction of placing the print paper and out of the single machine in the same direction.

(4) change the paper will be printed on the double-sided tape torn off, and then put into the single machine.

(5) when the printer light appears in deep red, that print paper is almost out, please replace the paper in a timely manner.

(6) to check the printer connection cable when you go to work, and turn on the printer.

(7) in the purchase of printers try to choose the better quality.

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