Advantages of barcode printers and guidelines for use

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  • Date:2022/02/17

With the development of barcode printers, more and more barcode printers appear in our life, it is his cheap, fast, accurate advantages make everyone love him, the following Tcang barcode will give you detailed advantages of barcode printers and the use of guide.

Advantages of barcode printers

One: reliable and accurate. There is information that keyboard input is an error every 300 characters on average, while barcode input is an error every 15000 characters on average. If you add the check for the bit error rate is one in ten million.

Second: data input speed is fast. For keyboard input, a typist who types 90 words per minute can input 12 characters or strings in 1.6 seconds, while using barcode, it only takes 0.3 seconds to do the same work, and the speed is increased by 5 times.

Third: economical and cheap. Compared with other automatic identification technology, the promotion and application of barcode technology, the required cost is longer and lower.

Four: flexible, practical as well as the degree of freedom. Bar code symbol as a kind of identification means can be used alone, also can and the relevant equipment composition identification system to achieve automatic identification, also can and other control equipment link up to achieve the whole system of automatic management. At the same time, when there is no automatic identification equipment, also can realize manual keyboard input . The degree of freedom of the recognition device and the relative position of the barcode label is much larger than that of OCR. The barcode usually expresses information only in one-dimensional direction, and the information expressed on the same barcode is identical and continuous, so that even if the label is partially missing, the correct information can still be input from the normal part.

Five: simple equipment, easy to operate. Bar code symbol recognition equipment structure is simple, easy to operate, without special training. Can be printed, called "printable computer language". Bar code labels are easy to produce, no special requirements for printing technology equipment and materials.

Guide to the use of barcode printers

1, choose the right font: different fonts will print the effect will be different, choose such as: ARIAL, bold, etc., and then the font will be bold, usually print as if it will be much better.

2, the printer resolution: If the resolution is very high printer, no settings can also print a clear effect, low resolution printer will generally be fiddly, time-consuming some, need to spend more time debugging.

3、Printer temperature or pressure: If the printing effect is not very good, you can adjust the temperature of the barcode printer to get taught good clarity.

4, different label paper, usually the effect of printing will be different, especially through the bar code scanning gun scanning, the speed is obviously different, because the material is not the same, the ability to absorb carbon copies are not the same, in general, ordinary coated paper printing effect is better. Of course, different label paper must choose the correct barcode ribbon.

5, bar code ribbon: bar code ribbon quality is good and bad, if the printing requirements are high, you can choose better quality ribbon or brand ribbon, such as Zebra ribbon, Ricoh ribbon, of course, the price is also much higher.

6, printing software: the printed content and printing software also has a great relationship, if you choose professional bar code software, such as Bartender, Codesoft, labelview, etc. can get better print quality

7, barcode printer with a long time, you need to clean the print head, which can extend the life of the printer, but also to get better printer quality.

8, barcode printers print horizontal bar codes and text and other content is not clear vertical printing, especially when the printing speed is more obvious. Usually the label is larger before you choose to print horizontally, it is recommended to try to design the content to print vertically. If you can not design into portrait orientation. Adjust the printing speed, print slower than fast will be more clear.

Above is the barcode printer use precautions and advantages, many people choose barcode printer because of his convenient data recognition fast, reliable and accurate but also cheap, of course, the proper use is also a factor, compared to some printers, barcode printers do have incomparable superiority, the above is the barcode printer knowledge brought to you by the sun and moon barcode, want to understand the product friends can come to Tcang barcode printer manufacturers for consultation and understanding.




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