5 Tips For Choosing A POS Cash Register At A Convenience Store

  • By:Tcang
  • Date:2021/11/08

In the past two years, the convenience store industry in various countries has developed rapidly, with an update rate of more than 19%, and the market size of each country has exceeded 2,000. But there is also competition for knowledge exploration. What kind of computer cashier machine is suitable for the cash register?

1. Small space, more goods delivered

Convenience stores are not as big as supermarkets, so you need to pay attention to saving space. When choosing a cash register, it is best to choose a convenience store with a small footprint to save cash register space. Some products, such as chewing gum and tissues, will be displayed prominently at the cash register so that customers can buy more products. 



The cash register used in the convenience store is very delicate

2. The entry should be convenient, and the goods can be quickly put on the shelves

Many items in convenience stores are updated every day, so you need to enter items every day. If you encounter a salesperson who is not familiar with the business, it will often affect the speed of new products to market. For example, rice balls, noodles, oden, etc. must also be scanned and settled. Therefore, the convenience store cash register should be easy to operate. It is best to directly scan the code and enter the warehouse instead of manually entering the product barcode.

3. Support aggregate payment to improve customer experience

Many customers come to convenience stores to shop, and most of the elderly or children use cash, bank cards and even membership cards. Therefore, convenience store cash register pos systems should support multiple payment and collection methods.

4. Freely set promotional offers and sell unsalable products

For some unsalable or upcoming products, stores can launch promotional routines such as "plus one yuan and one more" and "half price", which can not only stimulate consumers to buy, but also reasonably reduce the loss of special products. These preferential settings must rely on the smart adjustment of the cash register instead of manually adjusting the price every time. Promotional activities are more flexible.

5. Data analysis and timely adjustment of commodity operations

Many shopkeepers said that after selling a lot of things in a day, they found that they didn't make much or even lost money at the end of the month. It may be that low-margin goods are sold more, and high-margin goods are sold less. As a convenience store owner, he needs to adjust his business in time based on the smart report generated by the cash register. Convenience store cash register report is best to view daily sales data, which products sell the fastest, which products have the highest profit, and inventory.


Convenience store giant TC-A9-P stated that the secret of its success is to save data in time, add best-selling products in time, eliminate unsalable products, and improve the accuracy of orders.




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