5 Best Pos Systems For Small Businesses

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  • Date:2021/08/20

POS system machines include software and hardware components, but now they offer even more new features including employee accounts, managing orders, integration with merchant accounts, customer profiles, business reports, inventory management, and more. One of the most obvious and compelling reasons businesses are increasingly adopting POS systems is that POS systems no longer require price tags. When inventory is added, the sales price is associated with the product code of the item, so the cashier can simply scan this code to process the sale. If the price changes, this can also be done easily through the inventory window. Other benefits include the ability to implement various types of discounts, customer loyalty programs, and more effective inventory control.



Software suitable for small business POS systems

1. Vend POS Best POS System with Built-in Loyalty Program

Vend runs on iPad, Mac or PC and syncs in the cloud, so you can use one platform or all three. Easily sell, manage, report and grow your retail business in a variety of ways with Vend POS, a multi-export retail and inventory management system. Vend supports deep integrations with the best applications, including Xero, Shopify, Apple, Vice and a selection of leading payments.


Vend is a POS system used globally for those looking for a built-in loyalty program. You can customize price books and receipts and get the inventory and reporting tools that are standard with any point-of-sale system. Vend’s pricing is more expensive than the average cost of a POS system.


2. Square POS Best Overall POS System for Small Businesses

The free Square POS system is a great choice for small businesses with a built-in payment processor and business management tools. It’s easy to use, from inventory control to running reports, Square POS is available for iOS and Android devices, and all accounts get a free magnetic stripe (sliding) reader. Even if your connection to the Internet is down, you can use the free Square POS to accept card, cash, check and gift card payments.

3. Lightspeed POS Best POS System for Inventory Management

Lightspeed Retail is the retail POS that helps you manage your entire business for medium to large businesses, and you can sort as many variables as you need. It’s a great option for multi-location businesses because you can manage all your inventory from one POS system. But Lightspeed Retail is more expensive than most POS systems.


4. ShopKeep Best POS system for specialty stores

ShopKeep is a cloud-based POS system that runs on iPads and is personalized for customers, who are often small to medium-sized boutiques. part of the reason ShopKeep has become a tailored POS system for boutiques, boutiques is because its inventory, dashboard and other features allow for customization.


5. Toast POS Best POS System for Restaurants and Bars

Toast POS combines built-in payment processing with useful back-end and front-end features to become an all-in-one POS system for the food business. In addition to inventory, reporting and staff management, you get restaurant-specific features such as menu and tip management.Toast POS software works on Android devices, which is unique compared to most POS systems.




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