4 reasons the Android pos machine is good

  • By:tcang
  • Date:2021/12/30

The traditional pos machine is composed of host + display + keyboard + mouse. The new type of Android pos machine is composed of tablet + base and printer. The new type of Android pos machine is well received by retail users.

easy to use

For example, the traditional windows system pos machine light installation system takes more than two hours, and requires professional operation. It also needs guidance and training before use. Some Android cashier systems are installed before they are shipped and can be used after they are turned on. The operation mode is based on The user’s habit of using the mobile phone is the same as the new phone book operation mode, so as to get started immediately after reaching a zero basis;

Small and exquisite

For example: the traditional pos machine is big and heavy, and it has been the same for more than ten years, while the Android pos machine is a small tablet to replace the traditional machine, making your front desk refreshing and tidy and bringing a unique sense of fashion;

Provide Internet management mode cloud service; (the boss can grasp the sales situation of the store anytime and anywhere, and view the sales report)

For example, most traditional POS machines do not have services. For example, some systems with cloud services need to be charged every year, which can be converted to at least thousands of yuan per year. Some Android POS machines provide cloud services, and mobile phones can check store sales anytime, anywhere. Report, the boss can also know the operating status of the store at home, improving store management;


Simple system

None of the traditional cash registers has been docked in the system for third-party takeaways, but the Android POS machine is now far ahead of the entire cash register industry. It supports WeChat takeaway ordering to manage its own customers, and has a strong access to the takeaway system directly. The cash register can receive orders and print and deliver them, saving merchants from computers (mobile phones) and printers for receiving orders; at the same time, it also solves the problem of rushing to operate multiple devices;

payment method

The traditional cash register Alipay scan payment is not connected to each order received by the cash register system, but the Android cash register system accurately distinguishes the payment situation in each order details, and there are additional report statistics.




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