Touch screen cash register machine features

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  • Date:2022/05/18

1. using five-line resistive touch screen technology.

2. scratch and wear resistant, dust and water resistant; high touch sensitivity, fast speed, no drift phenomenon.

3. professional-grade chip and processing technology to ensure high picture quality.

4. industrial-grade high-performance LCD screen, to ensure high image clarity, high brightness and stability of use.

5. a variety of signal interfaces, supporting a variety of signal input/output.

6. using industrial industrial control motherboard, Intel high-end dual-core processor, high-speed hard disk, high stability.

7. long service life highly durable, not afraid of scratches, touch life is extremely long.

8. use characteristics of good touch without strength, no special requirements for the touch body, regardless of whether the touch object is hard, whether the touch object conductive, do not affect the normal use.




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